SITEWORKS: BIODIVERSITY - 27 and 28 September 2014 at Bundanon

The overall theme of biodiversity had three main components in the program: Conversation, Artworks and Bioblitz.


It's fun and it's serious, at the same time....

The overall theme of Siteworks was biodiversity and there were be three main components in the program: Conversation, Artworks and Bioblitz. The Conversation was entitled Finding our Place in the Anthropocene, and comprised a series of talks led by experts in their fields. There were introductory and concluding sessions hosted by science broadcaster Robyn Williams, but most of the discussions took place in small groups scattered over the lawn of the homestead. Discussion leaders included scientists, lawyers, architects and artists.

The Artworks included Rosemary Laing’s works in the Homestead’s upstairs gallery, Janet Laurence’s Treelines Walk, a planted artwork tracing the environmental history of Bundanon, as well as works by Nigel Helyer, Starrs & Cmielewski, Stalker Theatre, De Quincey Co and Embodied Media. What most had in common is that they drew their inspiration from the Bundanon site itself.

The Bioblitz was a series of walks wherein members of the public explored particular aspects of the Bundanon site in the company of specialists, the aim being to document the variety of species present and register the findings on The Atlas of Living Australia.

The weather was fine for both days and audiences responded with great enthusiasm to all activities. The overall attendance was 1,162, 180 of whom camped overnight on site.

Partners included: University of Wollongong, NSW Department of Primary Industries, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Friends of the Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby, Bird Life Australia, Galamban, Landcare Australia, Mountain Echo Landscape and Horticulture, NSW Office of Water, Caleana Consultancy, De Quincey Co, Lean Productions, Australian Earth Laws Alliance.




video documentation

A 10-minute record by Sam James