Untitled (2010) - Song Jianshu

Song Jianshu: Bundanon-Red Gate Exchange Residency

Song Jianshu is a sculptor who is used to using the material language to express ideas in his work. He tends to observe and experience those materials. While some typical properties of these materials form the basic vocabulary of art language, different cultural backgrounds provide different language contexts. Therefore Song Jianshu's life has been more poetic because of art. Through communication and conversation, he can ensure the value of his work in the reference of different civilizations.


This residency was part of the artist exchange program between Bundanon Trust and Red Gate Gallery in Beijing.

During a month residency project at Bundanon Trust, Song Jianshu has set a goal and called it "the Arc of Fate." He will use three different materials with three different forms of Art (installation/sculpture, printmaking or graphic art) to complete the work in three weeks. He will then present these works in the resident studio as a small exhibition, aiming to explain his own understanding of fate and life - death from the perspective of the contemporary art way and the Oriental view.