'Job done' watercolour on paper (Pinus radiata – Radiata pine seed)

Sharon Field

Sharon Field is an Australian visual artist who pushes the boundaries of what is considered traditional botanical art in new directions.

Sharon’s works have received accolades including winner of the Queanbeyan Regional Art Award in 2012, winner of the People’s Choice Award and winner of the Contemporary Botanical Art Award (Wildlife and Botanical Artists) in 2013. Sharon believes that appreciating the detail in nature is critical in this time of rapid climate change. With an interest in plants in an ever-changing environment, Sharon draws parallels between the plants and the state of humanity.



During her residency at Bundanon Trust, Sharon will be working on her next exhibition of works which draw on her work with the CSIRO Herbarium and also use the NSW Herbarium photographic records held in the archive at Bundanon Trust. She will be exploring the impact of people on the environment, particularly with reference to grasses and seeds.


During her residency at the Bundanon Trust, artist Sharon Field will be creating a series of 9” x 5” cameos of botanical subjects (in graphite and watercolour, on paper and vellum) which capture the fleeting nature (the “impression”) of plants in their lives on our planet. Inspired by the The 9 x 5 Impressionism Exhibitionheld in Melbourne on August 17th 1889, Field will be creating forty works, including leaves, seed pods, bark, grasses found at Bundanon, which reveal the transience of nature. Field also takes inspiration from beauty found in specimens that are not perfect; 'the spent bloom, the chewed leaf, the broken seed pod'. Field wishes to use her Bundanon residency to develop a series of themed works, the 9"x5” project being the first of these series. The second series will be exploring the concept of “Skin” and the third will be “Deceased Estates”, approaching each with a botanical/natural environment focus.