Joni Taylor, New Landscapes Institute

New Landscapes Institute

The New Landscapes Institute (NLI) is a nomadic research project established by curator Joni Taylor in order to create cross-disciplinary collaborations by practitioners focusing on changing notions of urban and ‘natural' environments.

The NEW LANDSCAPES INSTITUTE is a nomadic research initiative that facilitates art and architecture collaborations. It collaborates with creative practitioners in partnership with organisations and community groups to develop and present ideas on changing notions of urban and ‘natural' environments. The NLI is interested in exploring the transformation of landscapes and presenting ideas and strategies for the future. It uses the platform of the exhibition/public event as a way to research and engage with new ideas. The projects connect artists with other experts in diverse fields such as ecology, gardening, science, architecture and landscape architecture. Joni Taylor is the founder of the NEW LANDSCAPES INSTITUTE. Her curatorial projects explore the transformation of landscapes and address contemporary urban and environmental conditions though research-based projects. She maintains a multidisciplinary practice combining new media, public art, architecture and participatory activities.

Joni ​Taylor, TSR sign

Joni ​Taylor, TSR sign


The Bundanon residency will provide an opportunity for Joni and the NEW LANDSCAPES INSTITUTE to work on upcoming projects with its current collaborators. These collaborators include Zanny Begg, Vanessa Berry, Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski, Megan Cope, Bill Buckley, Genevieve Murray, Hayden Fowler, Heidi Axelson and Hugo Moline, Sarah Breen Lovett and Barbara Schaffer. Investigation will begin into the creative development of “The Long Paddock” - a project that explores the significance of the Travelling Stock Routes, and research into the architecture of public, green, spaces for the exhibition “Groundwork – From the Archives Up”.