Marisa Purcell, photo: Silversalt Photography

Marisa Purcell

Marisa Purcell's work asks both the viewer and audience to question their perception. What else lie out there that our perceptive faculties screen from view?

Working in abstraction, language is silenced, resulting in divergent connections that lie beyond everyday reality. The improvisatory process keeps the unknown in close contact, allowing the painting to be a conduit of forces that may not always be consciously understood.

Marisa Purcell holds 2 masters degrees - one in painting and one in art theory, and has exhibited extensively in Australia and overseas. In 2018 she will exhibit in Brisbane, New York and Sydney.


During her residency at Bundanon, it is Marisa's intention to immerse herself in the environment and make large-scale paintings for a solo show in Sydney at Olsen contemporary in September. The night skies are less obscured by light pollution when out of the city, so she will collect photographic images of the stars. These images will provide a groundwork for a series of paintings. The opportunity to be out of the city, without distractions, or being ruled by time constraints will allow Marisa to work without interruption. As her work is improvisatory in nature, it depends on the context and setting and the rhythm she can achieve - "I'm excited to see what will emerge whilst working in the beautiful light and environment of Bundanon."