'Real Effort'

Kate Beckingham

Kate Beckingham is a Sydney based artist who works across a range of media including photography, sculpture and installation. Kate uses her work to explore the distances between bodily and virtual experiences, offering the audience a site where they can consider the status of the image, the nature of lived experiences and the results of artistic intention. She considers the sculptural components of her work as anchor points and physical markers, experienced in real space. By placing these alongside the virtual image space of a photograph, she offers the audience an experience situated between the real and un-real and allows them a space to consider time passing and actions in space.


During her Bundanon Trust residency, Kate will work on her most recent body of work exploring the acts and processes undertaken when creating an art object and an experience for the viewer within the time and space of the gallery. During the residency Kate will investigate the placement of her final works exhibited alongside evidence of the processes and acts of their own making, continuing her interest in the in-between site that can exist between time and space.