Judy Annear, 1980, credit: Robert Rooney

judy annear

Judy Annear is an independent writer and curator. She is an adjunct lecturer at UNSW, Sydney.

Judy was initiator and one of 16 writers for Exquisite consequences 2016 (effefe.net), and has been published in Cordite and Australian Poetry. Art writings include: Becoming places - the work of Rosemary Laing, in Rosemary Laing, ed Victoria Lynn, Tarrawarra Museum of Art, Victoria 2017; A sublime passage, in Tracey Moffatt: My horizon, ed Natalie King, Thames & Hudson, Melbourne 2017; The photograph and Australia, AGNSW, Sydney 2015; Tall poppies: a sleight of hand, in Impresario: Paul Taylor, the Melbourne years 1981-1984, eds Helen Hughes & Nicholas Croggon, Surpllus/MUMA, Melbourne 2013; Clouds to rain - Stieglitz and the equivalents, American art, Spring 2011 vol 25 no 1 2011; Vale Street, in Up close: Carol Jerrems with Larry Clark, Nan Goldin & William Yang, ed Natalie King, Heide MoMA/Schwartz City, Melbourne, 2010.


THE Ls - a compilation of experimental writings with their genesis in the commissioned piece Overlap, written for Westspace Journal in 2015. Overlap was the culmination of extensive research into writing by specific women from different fields, with different approaches, from different times and places, and their overlapping thinking through possibilities for subjectivities. With THE Ls I take a number of subjects/objects (about 30) and approach them as evolving and dynamic (rather than fixed) things in the world to engage with.