Jessie Boylan

Jessie Boylan with Linda Dement & Jenna Tuke

Jessie Boylan is a photomedia artist based in Chewton, Victoria.

She explores issues relating to human impacts on the land and communities in relation to environmental and social devastation- like nuclear testing, mining and war. She is a member of Lumina, an Australian women’s photography collective, as well as the Atomic Photographers Guild, an international group who aim to render visible all aspects of the nuclear age, and is a key artist in Nuclear Futures, an Australia Council-funded community arts project, which explores the legacy of the nuclear age through creative arts. Jessie is a lecturer in Photography at La Trobe University in Bendigo, Australia.


In collaboration with artist Linda Dement and psychotherapist Jenna Tuke, Boylan’s new work ‘Rupture’ for the Bendigo Art Gallery in 2018 investigates how we live with an imminent possibility of environmental and social disasters. Using photography, video and sound, this work explores the relationship of colonisation in Australia to the era of normalized disaster we live in and continue to create. With a focus on Central Victoria, this work explores climate change, biodiversity loss and impacts due to extensive gold mining, floods, fires and droughts.


Linda and Jessie will develop collaborative work giving form to the immanent threat of nuclear weaponry.


During 2013, Linda Dement was in residence at Bundanon, where she continued to develop her work titled POISON.