Jeikei Real Life

I think "Human desire chages in social environments," I understood that an individual desire is a universal desire of all living people today and I conducted researches in the relation of desire and the society. The personal interest and researches in the relation between desire and the society provided inspiration in my work. In addition, paying attention to the fact that an individual desire changes by being convertly constrained by civilization, culture and society where the person exists in, I tried to express and analyze the fact in visual forms.

The organic creatures in my work appear to have their desires under constraint due to the gaze of the society and their given societal role. They also represent the identities of today whose desires are mutilated. However, although having disfigured desires, the creatures are tentacled on the body, which symbolizes the will to survive. All the organic creatures in my work feel the world through the grown tentacles on the body. The tentacles play an intermediary role to connect oneself with the society. - Jeikei