George Khut working at Bundanon late 2014.

George Khut

George Poonkhin Khut is an Australian artist, academic and interaction-designer working across the fields of electronic art, design and health, at UNSW Australia, Art & Design.


George worked on two major projects:

Alpha_Lab: a collaboration with composer James Brown.
AlphaLab is a new interactive art project by award winning artist George Khut exploring the creative potential of brainwave controlled interactive art. The project is exploring possibilities for a new type of electronic art practice, in which attention, experience and compositional form become entwined. During their residency at Bundanon, Khut and Brown will be composing interactive soundscapes and vibro-tactile sub-bass patterns that respond to changes in brain waves and eye movement patterns often associated with meditative states of attention. See more:

Heart Library Project
The second part George will work solo on new interactive sounds and visuals for the next iteration of his “Heart Library Project” in preparation for it’s inclusion in the “Group Therapy” exhibition at world renowned art & technology centre F.A.C.T. (Foundation for Art and Creative Technologies) in Liverpool, UK, in March 2015. The Heart Library is an interactive video and sound work that explores interactions between, heart rate,breath and emotion, and the varieties of experience and association that unfold from this unusual form of interaction. See more:


George Khut and James Brown will develop and test ‘Theta Lab’ - a new live-art project that combines Theta-brainwave biofeedback (neurofeedback) with participatory art and electronic music technologies. soundscapes. During their residency they will compose and test interactive soundscapes that will be controlled by live Alpha and Theta brainwave signals - using systems George has been working with for the past year.