Conway and Zygier

Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier

Deborah Conway is a significant and eloquent contributor to Australian music, singing songs that chronicle the essential elements of life, love, loss, memory, the mundane and the spiritual. Restless and confounding, her powerful voice and presence has fascinated audiences for the past 30 years. A rare female agitator in a time when the music industry was male dominated; Conway continues to be a role model for young women and a mentor to emerging artists.

Willy Zygier's first recorded appearance was with his band Tootieville on the Cooking With George Mark Too compilation record, released by radio station Triple J in 1985. Tootieville followed this up with an album entitled Basic in 1990 that was The Age's Green Guide album of the year.

Zygier came into the limelight proper with the release of Bitch Epic in 1993. He co-wrote the record with Conway and co-produced. As a producer, other than the Conway albums, Zygier has produced Toni Collette's Beautiful Awkward Pictures and The National Living Treasures' Wide Music.


Conway and Zygier will be working on new material.