Cath Brophy

Cath Brophy is a Sydney based artist who works with mixed-media, creating large-scale drawings on paper. Her recent installations explore the experience of constructed space evoked by our everyday interaction with architecture, referencing its scale and formal components. Cath’s working process – which involves making and unmaking, collaging and reconstructing sections of the composition – disrupts the representational elements of these familiar motifs, creating a disrupted illusion of space and new interpretations of the subject matter.


During her residency at Bundanon, Cath will develop her most recent body of work into a fully-resolved drawing installation, featuring motifs derived from her hand drawn sketches, collage and photographic images.Over the last three years, Cath has been documenting abandoned institutional and domestic buildings in locations which have been earmarked for redevelopment or gentrification. This interest grew out of an on-site project at the former Rozelle Psychiatric Hospital in Sydney in 2009, which culminated in a mixed-media drawing installation (Overlay, installed at Tin Sheds Gallery in 2011).