Ashley Dyer

Ashley Dyer

Ashley Dyer is a Melbourne-based performance maker. His interdisciplinary practice extends across and between more traditional art forms, often integrating strategies, concepts, languages and tools from areas as diverse as dance, new music, visual art, performance, installation and live art. Dyer's approach to making is grounded in practice based research, interrogating formal and/or content driven questions that normally lead to multiple-outcomes around an area of investigation.


During his residency at Bundanon, Dyer will work with Nick Roux, Tony Osborne and Martin Del Amo on a new hour long dance/music work that views the body as the site for vibration as movement (through dance) and sound (through singing).


Ashley Dyer is an interdisciplinary performance maker that works predominantly with dance, singing (and music) and storytelling. Ashley’s ongoing practice is research based and involves asking and interrogating choreographic and compositional strategies and questions. This is done through practicing performing most often, but not exclusively, improvisationally in a studio with one other person. Whilst at Bundanon Ashley plans on developing a new work “Dance Cycle 1; Elegy” which is a series of performative vignettes that combine moving and singing simultaneously. Tamarah Tossey regularly works with Ashley and will be joining him in residence