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Accessible Arts - Deaf Artists Residency

Accessible Arts provides leadership in arts + disability through information, advocacy and the facilitation of excellence in arts practice

Susan Oxenham has a background in fine arts and photography. The aim of her So Sexy project is to have fun, educate a large audience about sensory accessibility, and teach them what it's like to be a VIP (vision impaired person).

Felicity Nicol is an award-winning performance and artistic director. Her project - Political Animals - is defined as an intergenerational conversation between Queer people which will explore what it means to be Queer and how queerness is performed.

Phillip Debs is a photographer and filmmaker. His project will focus on organising his thousands of photographs into categories. He will then group them and select photographs to publish as a book. He has numerous areas of photographic interest including nature, portrait and the abstract.

Kate Matairavula will be writing and furthering the development of two projects: a children's picture book that explores the themes of belonging to two cultures and countries; and, a play that explores the relationships of two sisters, one Deaf and one who is hearing.

Livonne Larkins likes to tell stories in both words and pictures. Her project is called How Many Flicks Till the Fly Flew Away, and is part of an overall series of fairy tales depicting traumatic events that have shaped her life and what she has done to overcome them.


Susan Oxenham, Felicity Nicol, Phillip Debs, Kate Matairavula and Livonne Larkins will undertake a week-long residency at Bundanon Trust between 27 August and 3 September 2018.


Kate Matairavula, Darlene Thornton, and Sue Jo Wright will undertake a week-long residency at Bundanon trusts between 4 and 11 September 2017. They will spend the week developing their disciplines in beautiful surroundings of Bundanon under the mentorship of various people including visual artist Luke King.

They'll have the time and space to reflect on their work to date, work on a project or gather ideas and support for embarking on a new project. Mentoring will include advice on developing professional practice and accessing funding opportunities.