2019 residencies and partnerships

Dale Collier & Amala Groom Don't Fence Me In (production still) 2018

2019 Artists-in-Residence

Bundanon Trust manages Australia's largest artist residency program with over 300 artists and thinkers from all disciplines staying at the purpose-built Shoalhaven properties each year. Individuals, groups and companies from across the world find the time spent at Bundanon invaluable to their creative and professional development.

Our 2019 residents include:


  • Accessible Arts
  • Africa Centre, Cape Town
  • Australian Theatre for Young People - Fresh Ink
  • Critical Path
  • French Embassy in Australia
  • Meroogal Women's Art Prize
  • Moogahlin Performing Arts
  • Performance Space - Liveworks Lab
  • Playwriting Australia - Indigenous Playwrights Retreat
  • Prelude - Composer Residencies
  • Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
  • Red Room Poetry
  • Sidney Nolan Trust, UK
  • Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellows
  • William Fletcher Foundation
  • Word Travels

First Peoples Residencies

This is the first year of our First Peoples Residencies, which offered Indigenous artists the opportunity to undertake supported residencies at Bundanon. The successful artists are:

  • Den Barber
  • Dale Collier
  • Brenda Gifford with Eric Avery, Elizabeth Jigalin. Troy Russell and Benjamin Gutchen
  • Katina Olsen
  • Kirk Page with Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal, Anna Leibziet, Helen Tyas Tunggal and Ria Soemardjo
  • Moogahlin Performing Arts: Lily Shearer, Liza-Mare Syron, Brenda Gifford, Andrea James, Miria George and Penny Couchie


  • Kim Anderson
  • Connie Anthes with Amala Groom, Nicole Monks and Rebecca Gallo
  • Edward Becker
  • Emma Beech with Tessa Leong
  • Tamryn Bennett
  • Max Berry
  • Vanessa Berry
  • Terri Bird with Bianca Hester and Scott Mitchell
  • Matina Bourmas with Zara Collins
  • Adam Boyd and Pip Ryan
  • Joel Bray with Bernadette Lewis, Carly Sheppard and Jeremy Beck
  • Kate Bright
  • Belinda Castles
  • Michelle Cawthorn
  • Stuart Cooke
  • Tamara Dean
  • Tracy Farr
  • Nicole Forsyth with Dan Walker
  • Ashley Frost with Nicole Kelly, John Bokor and Caroline Baum
  • Nuala Furtado and collaborators
  • Briony Galligan with Melissa Deerson
  • Katja Handt
  • Camille Hannah
  • Xenia Hanusiak
  • Fiona Harman
  • Tannya Harricks
  • Sue Healey with Jane Theau, Shona Erskine, Michelle Heaven and Anca Frankenhaeuser
  • Nadia Hern├índez
  • Rafael Karlen
  • Nigel Kellaway with Katia Molino and Michael Bell
  • Olga Kisseleva
  • Reuben Lewis with Marco Cher-Gibard
  • Tania Mason
  • Nic Mason
  • Kym Maxwell
  • Peta Minnici
  • Valerie Odewahn with Catherine Rogers
  • Jodi Phillis with Trish Young, David Easton, Raphael Whittingham
  • Christine Piper
  • Kathryn Puie with Lux Eterna
  • Julia Robertson with Chika Ikogwe
  • David Roland
  • Kirli Saunders
  • Kate Scardifield with Robin Hearfield
  • Diana Simmonds
  • Matthew Sleeth
  • Pip Smith
  • Debra Thomas with Hayley Lawson-Smith
  • Angus Trumble
  • Louris van de Geer
  • Julienne van Loon
  • Charlotte Vitaioli
  • Georgia Wallace-Crabbe with Gregory Miller
  • Jen Waterhouse
  • Alexis Weaver
  • Yvonne Weldon
  • Fiona Wright
  • Robyn Yeoman