2018 residencies and partnerships

Photographer Pippa Samaya, dancers Faith Prendergast and Karl William Fagerlund Brekke, choreographer Sally Marie

2018 residencies

The Bundanon artist-in-residence program is the largest program of its kind in Australia, welcoming around 350 artists each year. It is open to applicants from all disciplines and levels of experience, making it highly sought after by artists nationally. 2018 will see an impressive range of applicants from all genres: visual arts and new media, theatre and performance, dance, sound and music, and writing.

Artists, groups and companies come to Bundanon both through our partnerships with cultural institutions and through our open application process.

Our 2018 residents include:


Supporting contemporary arts practice was central to Arthur Boyd’s plans when he left the Bundanon property to the Australian people
  • Accessible Arts
  • Africa Centre, Cape Town
  • AsiaTOPA: Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts - Arts Centre Melbourne
  • Australian Theatre for Young People - Fresh Ink
  • Campbelltown Arts Centre - Queer Radio residency
  • Erth
  • French Embassy in Australia
  • Performance Space - Liveworks Lab
  • Playwriting Australia - Indigenous Playwrights Retreat
  • Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
  • Red Room Poetry
  • Shoalhaven Literary Award
  • Sidney Nolan Trust
  • Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellows
  • The Song Company
  • La Mama - Uncle Vanya
  • Urban Theatre Projects - B-Side
  • William Fletcher Foundation
  • Word Travels


  • Doppelgangster: Tobias Manderson-Galvin, Kerith Manderson-Galvin, Jules Pascoe
  • Moogahlin Performing Arts: Uncle Wes Marne, Lily Shearer, Neil Simpson, Jamie James, Alicia Talbot,Caitlin Newton Broad, Maya Newell, Michael Steele
  • The Opera Project: Nigel Kellaway
  • Punctum: Jude Anderson, Robert C. Bundle, Matt Cornell, Nordin Hasan, Jazmin Lewis, Georgia Symons
  • Resonant Bodies Australia: Jane Sheldon, Jessica Aszodi, Sonya Holowell, Mitchell Riley, Deborah Kayser, Jack Symonds
  • The Samaya Wives: Pippa Samaya, Tara Jade Samaya
  • Shopfront Arts Co-Op: Natalie Rose, Hannah Grant, Hannah Strout, Mathew Coslovi, Teneile English, Brianna Lowe, Holly Craig, Sharleen Ndlovu, Jake Pafumi, Dinda Timperon, Wendi Lanham, Riana Head-Toussiant, Caspar Hardaker, Steve Konstanopoulos
  • Sydney Baroque Festival: Meg Cohen, Nathan Cox, Rohan Dasika, Matthew Greco, Anita Gluyas, Dovi Hanner, Tom Helps, Hannah Lane, Krista Low, Eliza McCracken, Daniel Morris, Sarah Pappadopolas, Arun Patterson, Alys Rayner, Julia Russoniello, Hannah Spracklen-Holl, Clara Teniswood, Thea Turnbull, Rafael Font Viera, Ellie Walker, Harry Werlemann-Godfrey, Flora Wong, Katie Yap


  • Jenny Ackland
  • Michael Adams
  • Elizabeth Allen
  • Judy Annear
  • Svetlana Bailey
  • Danielle Barrie
  • William Barton with Veronique Serret
  • Georgia Boe
  • Emily Bowman with Jacob Lehrer and Josef Lehrer
  • Adam Boyd with Pip Ryan and Natalie Ryan
  • Jessie Boylan with Linda Dement and Jenna Tuke
  • Laura Boynes with Julie-Anne Long and Adelina Larsson
  • Mark Brandi
  • Emily Brewin
  • Claire Bridge
  • Christopher Bryant
  • Barbara Campbell with Gary Warner
  • Louisa Chircop
  • Rebecca Conroy with Julieanne Campbell, Sandy Saxon and Sarah Chisholm
  • Deborah Conway with Willy Zygier
  • Victoria Cooper with Doug Spowart
  • Shady Cosgrove
  • Anne Ferran with Les Blakebrough
  • Emma Fishwick with Isabella Stone
  • Susi Fox
  • Todd Fuller with Catherine O'Donnell and Kellie O'Dempsey
  • Lucy Guerin
  • Natalie Guy
  • Emma Hall
  • Harrison Hall with Ashley McLellan
  • Rosalie Ham
  • Cassandra Hamer
  • Sarah Hamylton with Lucas Ihlein, Leah Gibbs and Kim Williams
  • Robbie Harmsworth with Fiona Hiscock
  • Mari Hirata
  • David Horton
  • Lyndal Jones
  • Shane Anthony Jones with Tina Mitchell, Kat Henry and Janine Watson
  • Leah Kaminsky
  • Stephanie Leigh
  • Tim Levinson
  • Julie-Anne Long with Sam James, Glenn Thompson, Ekrem Mulayim, Martin del Amo, Justine Shi Pearson and Narelle Benjamin
  • Anna Madeleine
  • Natacha Mankowski
  • Lucille Martin
  • Vicki Mason with Alice Whish
  • Sarah McEwan
  • Fiona McGregor
  • Janine Mikosza
  • Wendy Morrow with Leigh Hobba
  • Rhiannon Newton with Angela Goh, Lizzie Thomson, Patricia Wood and Ivey Wawn
  • Kevin Ng with Teik Kim Pok, Jenevieve Chang, Michael Toisuta, Melissa Lee Speyer, Kenneth Moraleda, Courtney Stewart-Smith, Aileen Huynh
  • Anne Noble with John Gray
  • Emily O'Connor with Nat Randall and Anastasia Zaravinos
  • Mark O'Flynn
  • Vanessa O'Neill
  • Efren Pamilacan Jr with Jorge Waldon, Jason Ng, Karla Mathieson, Hena Memishi, Josh Arslan, Daisuke Benson, Jobe Williams
  • Helena Pastor
  • Rachel Perks with Bridget Balodis
  • Shivaun Plozza
  • Marisa Purcell
  • Elizabeth Sellars with Svetlana Bogoslavjevic
  • Matt Shilcock with Daisy Sanders, Cinzia Schincariol, Matthew Plummer, Carlie Angel, Jenni Large, Niharika Senapati and Ivey Wawn
  • Michael Smith with Yilin Kong and Emma Harrison
  • Merryn Sommerville
  • Quentin Sprague
  • Cissi Tsang
  • Agnes Tyson
  • Karen Viggers
  • Digby Webster with David Webster
  • Felicity Wilcox with Kat Henry
  • Paul Williams
  • Susan Wyndham
  • Dane Yates
  • Yiorgos Zafiriou

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