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Nigel Helyer, BioPod_V01, 2014, Courtesy of the artist and Duncan Bond

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TREELINES TRACK is dedicated to Yvonne Boyd
- (1920-2013)

Treelines Track is a linear passage of trees that form a walking track at Bundanon, connecting the natural bush to farm land and the Homestead gardens. Conceived by artist Janet Laurence, this three-kilometre planted artwork weaves a connection between the old and the new concepts of landscape.

Treelines Track has been created in partnership with Landcare Australia and is a legacy project to mark the transformation of Bundanon by the Living Landscape initiative, which to date has seen over 209 acres of lantana removed and around 42,000 trees planted. Bundanon is particularly indebted to Dr Shane Norrish, Farming and Major Projects Director, Landcare Australia, for his expertise and commitment to this project.


Planting Diagram for ​Treelines Track

Planting Diagram, Treelines Track, linear arboretum by Janet Laurence at Bundanon

When science meets art

When Science Meets Art: An Environmental Portrait of the Shoalhaven River Valley

This three-year Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage project is a collaboration between Macquarie University and industry partners Bundanon Trust and the Australia Council. The project – involving artist Nigel Helyer, environmental scientist Mark Taylor, and researchers John Potts and Mark Evans - involves the creation of an interactive audio-visual portrait of the region, incorporating both a representation of the natural environment and its cultural history. Scientific readings of the land, water, even the paint in Arthur Boyd’s studio, are transformed in art works to create an environmental portrait of the area.

This project will create new knowledge of the region and its histories due to the innovative research method combining art, environmental science and cultural history. This will be communicated through the project’s multiple outputs of art installations, mobile audio-visual tour of the area using GPS coverage, web access for offsite virtual visitors, public programs including research seminars, workshops and artist talks, and publications.


​Nigel Helyer, BioPods_02, the Nebuchadnezzar suites, at Siteworks 2015

Nigel Helyer, BioPods_02, the Nebuchadnezzar suites, at Siteworks 2015